About Me

Crystal Fielding

I have been working as a piano technician since 2005, specializing in instrument preparation and tuning for concerts and fine recordings —  and am proud to support some of the most gifted and magical pianists performing today.

I am currently Keyboard Technician for The Hopkins Center, Dartmouth College, and work seasonally at Marlboro Music Festival and Yellow Barn Music Festival.

Previously, I have worked at Tanglewood for Steve Carver, Chief Concert Techician; at North Carolina’s Eastern Music Festival under the direction of Stephen Duncan; and apprenticed with John Foy in his restoration shop in Greensboro North Carolina. I also served on the staff of Boston University’s College of Fine Arts under Martin Snow.

I formally trained and received certification at Boston’s North Bennet Street School, and am a Registered Piano Technician through the Piano Technicians’ Guild — meaning I passed a series of examinations and met requirements guaranteeing knowledge and ability in piano tuning, maintenance and repair, and agreed to adhere to the guild’s code of ethics.

My home and personal shop are located in Townshend, Vermont.

—Crystal C. Fielding